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Discovering UX + UI Design  

My interest to develop my skills within these tools only grew during the push into the virtual world of 2020. I was driven to question how can I evolve my existing knowledge into a skill that could help people even in a world where social buildings are empty. That is how I discovered UX Design.
In this digital age, we now have a space where a global network of users co-exist. I want to merge my knowledge of physical space with digital space to create user solutions. I want to build upon this space that is not tied down by concrete but is realized through imagination and innovation. 
For the past six years, I have been immersed in the field of Architecture, first as a student at Pratt Institute, and then as a professional in the field. Growing as a designer in this community, my strength lies in my fast grasp of digital tools that today's technology affords us. I have quickly learned, adopted, and used various software to produce spatial and graphic designs.
Personal Statement
Since I was 12 years old, my family constantly moved about every 3-4 years to a new location. Having to readjust to a new social environment every once in a while taught me how to be agile and adaptive. This skill has helped me socially as well as professionally. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. Each place and person has something to teach, and I strive to learn what it is. Connecting to people has become one of my biggest assets that I bring into my work as well. I give my all to each and everything that I commit to, and I bring my strengths to the team. I do not strive to be a perfect, but I do strive to keep evolving towards being the best me as a person as well as a designer.

Currently, I am working as a Product Designer for Kargo. At Kargo, I am learning about the adtech industry and working on in-house products by designing solutions for optimizing user performance. For a bigger overview of my professional background, please feel free to reach out to me or see my resume below.


I always love to connect with people! This is a glimpse of my story and I would love to hear about yours. Feel free to drop me a line below, or you can email me directly at
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16x9 Device Mockups for portfolio copy.j

Silicone Zone

Designing a Responsive E-commerce Website.



UX/UI design of an End-to-End Mobile App  for self financial management.

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